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Min Person 1
Max Person 8
Duration 8 days
Meeting Point Athína
Rating 5 / 5

In this private tour you will discover the cities of Santorini, Crete and Athens in the Mediterrenean.







Day 1

Greece Athína,

 Your private transfer is waiting at the airport upon your arrival.On the way to your hotel, you can see the pure white marble of Mount Pentelicus, an ancient quarry that has provided building material for the construction of Athens. The original Panathenaic Stadium dating back to 4th century BC. The replica was built in the 19th-century to withness the first modern-era Olympic games. The stadium is consisting of 47 tiers of seating and a 669-foot long track.

Day 2

Greece Athína,

In the morning, your guide meets you in the hotel lobby after breakfast.After exploring the contemporary sites of Constitution Square and the Presidential Palace in your private tour, you arrive at Hadrian’s Arch and the Temple of Olympian Zeus which was built under that sovereignty of Roman Emperor Hadrian in the 2nd-century AD. The huge columns stood more than 56 feet high with a diameter of more than at least six feet.The cobblestone streets of Plaka, the oldest section of Athens are standing on the opposite side of the road from the temple. You can see the Acropolis overlooking the historic buildings lined along the streets. The Parthenon crowns the edge of the hill like an ancient jewel left from the ancient history.

Day 3

Greece Santorini,

This morning after departure from your hotel you will be transfered to the airport.  Arrive in Santorini in 45 minutes and transfer to your hotel. The island is known for lavish views, delicious volcanic soil, and related to the legendary history of Atlantis. On your arrival in Santorini island the salty and sweet mixture of the air welcomes you to this treasured island landscape. Your private transfer meets you at the airport and take you to a winery that offers plenty of new information for adults and family entertainment fun for kids. The volcanic soil around the island has natural minerals filtered by the roots of the plants while giving this mixed combined element around the island an essence with the wines. In a cave 20 feet below the earth’s surface, the winery has a wine museum featuring a donkey tour. The underground caves of the earth walls keep the air cool. A barrel of grapes is located inside the museum.After your experience at the winery museum your transfer leads you to the hotel.Overnight in Santorini.

Day 4

Greece Santorini,

This morning you will be transferred  to the marina where you board a boat chartered for your family.While cruising along this fantastic islands shores you pass the stunning display of colors from the Red Beach and the White Beach which are also known for the stones that border the gravelly shores. The landscape at the volcano’s rim turns rocky and lunar. Your guide escorts you along the uneven rocky roads. The colours of the rock depends on the time of the lavas caused by the eruptions in the historical era.You can see the whitewashed houses and blue roofs shining with the sunlight in Santorini from that point.Overnight in Santorini.

Day 5

Greece Crete,

Today, you have a leisure time to spend on your own at your preferred pace. You could stroll down the capital town of Thira or relax in the pool of your hotel.Or you can visit the archeological site of Ancient Akrotiri. The city was discovered in the 1960s but has roots as an ancient Minoan city. Akrotiri is often referred to as the Greek Pompeii. In the 17th-century BC, a volcanic eruption covered the streets and buildings in ash, preserving the mosaics laid on the floor for the next years till it was discovered by the locals .You can see the pottery covering the roads and some remnants of their original contents, from olive oil to wine. A two-story edifice known as Xeste 3 has 14 rooms on each floor. A mosaic depicts a goddess seated on an altar. A line of people bears gifts for the goddess.You will be fascinated by the history in this archeological site . Then you will be transferred to the harbour to take a high speed ferry to Crete island.Overnight in Crete.

Day 6

Greece Crete,

This morning you can experience to taste the rich flavor and foamy layer of your morning Greek coffee. The collection of sweet and savory treats at breakfast could satisfy your desire.Crete is the largest of the Greek Isles with a mixture of many mountains, sapphire coastline, and pearled historic harbor cities. The legends of the island attracts the visitors from all over the world.The Palace of Knossos was home to King Minos, who had Daedalus make the design of the labyrinth. Your guide leads you on a private tour of this area where the cream colored stone outlines the palace’s varying degrees of complexity dating back to second millenium BC. The palace is decorated with lavish frescoes and painted columns. The atmosphere of the grounds differ from the mythologies, illuminating desires, and celebration in the middle of the frescoes, and the architectural plans open up to the large courtyard. The Grand Staircase leads to the Royal Chambers. Ruby Minoan columns support the upper floors of the building. In the queen’s chambers, a fresco of dolphins decorates the wall.

Day 7

Greece Crete,

In the morning, you have a breathtaking view of the coastline of Crete. An endless pool looks like it touches the blue turquoise crystals of the sea waters and reaches the horizon. You sip a Greek coffee at breakfast and let the day slowly begin. After your meal, your guide leads you to the marina where you board a private boat to the island of Spinalonga. The island is less than 22 acres and has been uninhabited since 1962. The Venetians constructed a castle on the island in the 16th century, which was overtaken by the Ottomans in the 18th century. You can see the entire island with a kayaking tour and dipping your paddles into the water and feeling the refreshing temperature splash against your skin.Your guide tells stories about the history of the island as you circle around the fortress. Overnight in Crete.

Day 8

Greece Athína,

Your private transfer meets you in the hotel lobby and takes you to the Heraklion International Airport for your international flight back to your home. The ambiance and historical legendary stories with its Greek history will bring you back with your family and new friends again in the future. Arrive Athens airport. End of your services.

The prices are per person in USD (based on the number of the participants):

1 Persons
from 5600$

2 Persons
from 3900$

3 Persons
from 1560$

4 Persons
from 3190$

5 Persons
from 1250$

6 Persons
from 2490$

7 Persons
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All Baby

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The prices are only valid for the early bookings. It may change with the high demand of the clients in the different seasons. For the further enquiries, please send us an email.


• Services of professionally licensed guides on local tours.
• All domestic flights,private yacht tours, ferry transportations mentioned in the itinerary.
• Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking vehicles on local tours and transfers.
• English speaking guided tours mentioned in the itinerary.
• Inbound and outbound airport transfers to/from your hotel.
• All taxes, entrance & museum fees, baggage handling. (unless otherwise stated)

Please note: We offer you many choices of the selected hotels in the hotels section which will be added to your itinerary for 8 days with its additional cost.We ensure you to use the best selected hotels or upgrade your hotel room on your behalf if the ones you choose are not available. 


• International airfares.
• Tips to guide, driver, hotel staff etc.
• Travel Insurance and medical services.

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